Customer Portal and eBilling - Testimonials

Here are just a few things clients and customers are saying about our Online Customer Portal and eBilling system and how it's helping them serve their customers better and providing them with instant access to their accounts.

"I cannot believe how fast and easy it is to make changes."

There was an issue with a customer's bill. The customer called in asking about the discrepancy and that the bill was incorrect. I was able to identify the problem and fix it. The eBilling system made it so easy to upload the revision, and it took care of everything else. The customer logged in while on the phone and saw the corrected bill and was just thrilled. He was so amazed and asked why other utilities and service providers couldn't do the same.
KK - July 2016.

"I really like the customer search feature"

The training for customer service representatives was not difficult like other training on other software we use. The customer search when looking up a customer allows you to search with partial information such as a partial account number or email or last name which helps if the customer doesn't have all of the information at hand on a call. It was also very fast.
LS - April 2016.

"The group bill summary feature was exactly what I needed."

I manage an HOA with over 80 properties. We were getting a summary before but it was missing some information we needed to calculate consumption. The new group bill summary has more information as well as a consumption chart for the group, with the previous year's monthly comparison. That just saved me some time each month. The new individual bills are nice too and also have consumption charts on them.
BJ - August 2016.