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Water Utilites Outsourcing Customer Portal and eBilling Systems

Water Utilities, like any other forward-thinking company or organization, strive to maintain and improve customer satisfaction.

As society continues to advance in its communication and information technologies, many utilities struggle to keep up. Sometimes resources are slim, and budgets often don't meet the growing needs of its customers, who suffer most from poor access to their account information, questions as to accuracy of account data, and challenges to getting questions answered or discrepancies resolved easily and in a timely manner. This can lead to frustration on both sides and cost time and valuable resources.

Water Utility Tech specializes in supplying utilities with turnkey systems that vastly improve the customer’s experience with the utility while also reducing time and resources. Self-serve allows customers easy access to more accurate account information, consumption data, easy-to-navigate graphs, and bill history as well as providing a platform where the utility can promote campaigns and marketing messages.

Further, adding Water Utility Tech’s online bill payment functionality helps provide a seamless experience for the customer while reducing valuable financial and human resources in the collection of monthly charges.