Online Customer Portal

  • Do your customers have access to their current bills and bills history online?
  • Can your customer update their basic information (email and phone) without calling in?
  • Do you have consumption information your customers can easily access?
  • Do you provide online payment options to your customers such as ACH?
  • How do you handle customers that have multiple properties?

Customers are becoming more and more sofisticated and are expecting more of the organzations that provide services to them. With out turn-key customer portal, your customers will be able to register for eBilling and access to the customer portal. Their bills are direcly emailed to them when ready as well as instant access online.

The customer can also view past bills, view them online or download them as a PDF and save or print it. Usage graphs are also available, both online as well as on each individual bill.

Online Customer Portal


Some of the benefits of our Customer Portal and eBilling System

  • Reduced postage and bill printing costs
  • Reduced time spent on bill processing
  • Increased customer satisfaction in the utility
  • Becoming more "green"
  • Bill grouping (for customers with several properties)
  • Easy to get up and running
  • Clear usage graphs, comparing this year and previous year (and including CA reduction requirements)
  • Customer Service Rep features to easily support customers
  • Editable messaging on bills and in the customer portal

For those customers with more than one property/bill can utiliize the group feature, which allows them to view individual accounts and consumption statistics/graphs as well as view a summary bill with summary consumption.

For those wanting to enroll in direct ACH payment, customers can easily submit their information through the portal so their bill gets withdrawn automatically each month.

Frusterated Customers

eBilling System

Our eBilling system, with the customer portal allows a utility company to rapidly start providing electronic billing for their customers, reducing the operating costs of monthly billing.

Our solution is hosted in the cloud and supported by us, further reducing the need to purchase and support hardware and software internally or maintain it. As we add features you get them allowing you to continue to advance.

The Water Utility Tech eBilling system works with nearly all internal software programs or databases used to manage customers and bills and is very easy to update when internal changes occur, such as an inaccurate meter read.

Any eBilling migration project is done as a transition, with everyone on paper, and gradually as customers register, the requirement on paper reduces and more customers move to electronic billing. Our system supports both paper and eBilling together to make the transition smooth and effortless.

The administrative interface for eBilling allows you to create and manage Customer Service Reps (CSRs) logins to support customer inqueries and billing questions, including a feature to re-send a bill or an email to help a person start the registeration process.

There are many more features that give the utility control of how they want to run their billing process through the system, such as manually or automatically in whatever time interval the normal billing process is done at.